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Students with Passions  - From The Talon

Shawn Anderson
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• Alex Caputo explores students with passions


Most students in their free time these days enjoy partaking in nonsense activities such as starting disputes on twitter, competing in truck pulls and being an interlocutor on a popular smart phone app, voxer. Senior Blane Arnold and Junior Ryan Roghaar are not those students, though. In his free time and whenever the weather allows, Blane packs up his truck and goes to Sand Key to surf. He has been surfing for a couple of years now and can be considered a semi-pro in the aquatic sport. Ryan enjoys playing in matches of tennis recreationally and competitively weekly. He is one of few on the mens varsity tennis team and a contender to be Pinellas County mens tennis champion.
Living on the Gulf Coast its not very easy to go surfing due to the lack of waves, but Blane makes it work. After many hours surfing the occasional swells that we receive on Sand Key he managed to get sponsored by two well renowned surfing companies, Venndk8 and Ordean Surf Research. If you ever get the chance to go surfing, take pictures, and publicize them via means of social media and make sure to hash tag them teamvenndk8; you may get noticed. Those who are learning to surf should learn from Blane. His skill in the sport is immense and he can carve through waves with ease. Blane says, No matter what your skill level nothing beats a day surfing.
Ryan can be found on the tennis courts on almost every given day. When asked about what hes doing to improve his game, he said Im continuing to work on my already strong serve by trying to increase the speed, but my main focus is on improving my back hand. I have also spent countless hours in the gym performing specific tennis exercises as you can tell from my increase in muscle mass. I beat my opponents pretty hard in the past, but Im looking to beat them even harder. Junior Mica Kogan, a tennis fanatic, compared his game to that of the French player Jo-Wilfreid Tsonga. The tennis season starts in January, but the offseason is where champions are made. Ryan is whacking balls across the court and his hard preparations may earn him the coveted tennis champion ring hes been working his entire life for. Ryan is looking to improve on his previous season (8-4).
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